Sunday Reflections – June 23, 2013

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There are a lot of the fun versions of the original “Keep Calm and Carry On,” many of which made it to my Things for My Wall board on Pinterest. Some of them just crack me up. These are some of my favorites. They’re really not in any kind of order, so just scroll through and see what keeps you calm – or not.


Keep Calm and Keep Pinning


Keep Calm and Love Yourself


Keep Calm and Hug a Friend


Keep Calm and Go to the Beach

Keep Ca- Why is the Rum Gone


Keep Calm and Bake On


Keep Calm and Make Cupcakes


Keep Calm and Make Coffee


Keep Calm and Eat Lunch


Keep Calm and Drink Wine


Keep Calm and Blog On


Keep Calm and Go to Hogwarts


Keep Calm and Expecto Patronum


Keep Calm and Brains


Freak Out and Throw Stuff


Keep Calm and Dance Off the Calories

Keep Calm and Dance On


Keep Calm and Zumba


Keep Calm and Grumpy On


Keep Calm and take a cat nap


Keep Calm and Moustache


Keep Calm and May the Odds be Ever In Your Favor


Keep Calm and Travel On


Keep Calm and Irish Dance


Keep Calm and Stand Clear of the Doors


Keep Calm and Dream Big




Keep Calm It's a Small World After All


Calm You Shall Keep


Well, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and Keep Calm – things have a way of working out. What are your favorite “Keep Calm” saying? Please share them in the comments below.


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