Happy 4th Birthday, Pintesting, with a Giveaway!

It’s Pintesting’s Birthday! It’s so hard to believe that it’s been four years since I took the brave step into the blogosphere. This has been one of the most amazing adventures and I’m so glad that I can share it with you.

Happy 4th Birthday Pintesting

The Pintestings:

From my very first post, I’ve loved testing, reviewing, rating, and sharing Pinterest pins. Some had amazing results and others were. . . well, Pinterest fails. But this is exactly why I started Pintesting – so that Pinners would have a place to see if a certain idea, recipe, craft, or whatever really worked. And so the adventure began and has no end in sight.

Over the past years, I’ve tested nail art, crafts, and some DIY products.

Some of the beverage pins that were tested included coffee drinks, butter beer, wine spritzers, sangrias, and infused water.

International cuisine from Ireland to Italy, Mongolian Beef to Beef and Broccoli, Mexican and Tex-Mex, French to Greek, and more have caused piles of dishes that you never see. Do you think that ease of clean-up should be a Pintesting category? Hmm, that might be something to consider.

Some of my favorite and most memorable include:

And this year I’m going to be doing more home improvement, crafting, and maybe even gardening Pintestings; which I’m extremely excited about.

Without you, NONE of this would have made a difference so THANK YOU for seeing what Pinterest Pin I’m testing. Your likes, comments, and shares mean so much more than you can imagine.

The Giveaway!

So now it’s time for the present, because what’s a birthday without presents? I’m giving away five autographed copies of the cookbook with my first published recipe; Caprese Crostini! All you have to do to win is enter the Rafflecopter drawing below. Five winners will be chosen at random on February 14th because I love you all that much.

My Recipe in the Zumba Lovers Cookbook

*The giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada.

Congratulations Winners!


  • Brenda
  • Molly
  • Kristen
  • Kandi
  • Elaine


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Mini German Pancakes

International Pancake Day is this week, February 12 to be exact. I really like all kinds of pancakes, from thin delicate crepes to fat and fluffy buttermilk. There are so many ways you can customize them; putting goodies in the batter, topping or stuffing them with more goodies, and then comes the sauces and/or whipped cream! And let’s not forget the whole idea of having cakes for breakfast. Yes, pancakes are fantastic! My first pin test is Mini German Pancakes from Laura of Real Mom Kitchen. Many years ago my best friend made German pancakes and they were delicious but seemed like a lot of trouble. When I saw this pin on Pinterest I knew I had to give them a try.

The Pintesting:

There are two components to this recipe, the Mini German Pancakes and the Triple Berry Topping.

Mini German Pancakes:


The recipe had basic ingredients that I already had on hand – a definite plus! Since Laura had omitted the orange zest, I did, too.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

The instructions were easy to follow. I put everything except the melted butter into the blender.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

The mixture became smooth quickly.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

It was several minutes since I had melted the butter. It was cooled but still liquid, so I poured it in rather quickly rather than a slow drizzle.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

I sprayed the muffin pans. For comparison sake, I used one metal pan and one stoneware pan.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

I poured a scant 1/4 cup in each one, just like Laura did, and ended up with 15 pancakes.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

I popped them into the pre-heated 400-degree oven and set the timer for 15 minutes. Nothing was mentioned about using a convection oven, so I went with conventional baking instead.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

After 15 minutes, the pancakes in the metal pan were perfectly ready to come out of the oven…

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

…but the stoneware pan took an extra 5 minutes before they were done.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

It was worth the wait.

Triple Berry Topping:

Time for the Triple Berry Topping. (Note: the recipe is mentioned in the blog and in the recipe. The link in the blog works well, but the link in the recipe was broken. Just make sure to use the 1st link.) The recipe was similar to other fruit sauce recipes I’ve made before, which made me feel confident that it would perform well.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

The frozen berries and agave were brought to a boil.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

While that was heating I mixed the cornstarch and water to make a slurry.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

Then added and cooked for just over a minute until thickened.

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

I put two on a plate and topped with the triple berry topping and powdered sugar, as recommended. They disappeared – just evaporated before my eyes (rather, before my mouth).

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

Pintesting Mini German Pancakes

I brought the rest into work to share and made many friends that day. Since my husband wasn’t home, I made the recipe again so he could try them. That time I used a jumbo muffin pan. I really liked the results in that size pan. They were big enough that two was a perfect sized serving. He loved them and I know we’ll be making these again.

The Pintesting Results:


Pintesting Seal 5 Pins


Accuracy: The recipe for both the pancakes and the triple berry topping came out beautifully with delicious results.

Pintesting Rating - 5 Pins

 Difficulty: The recipes were easy to make and didn’t require special equipment.

Pintesting Rating - 5 Pins

Time: The whole thing was made in 30-40 minutes – a reasonable time for a nice home-made breakfast.

Pintesting Rating - 5 Pins

Cost: Most of the ingredients were already in my kitchen and those that I didn’t have were easy to find at my local grocer. Nothing was over $7.00.

Pintesting Rating - 5 Pins

Practicality: This came together easily and makes a lovely breakfast or brunch.

Pintesting Rating - 5 Pins